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Thanks for dropping by our site - We are Bambi & the Goat, or rather Hayley & Sam. You might be thinking 'Why Bambi & the Goat'? Well… Sam is an avid mountaineer and as such has to have a mountain mascot to take into the hills, hence the Goat. While Hayley is a little more, say, bambi-esque on her feet, hance Bambi. So together we are Bambi & the Goat!

After spending several years in London, one of the most densly populated cities on earth, the call of the wild and yearning for adventure drove us to shake things up a bit. We yearned to be young and foolish again. We decided to embark on a year of adventure across the globe, beginning with 3 months volunteering in Central America before moving on to South America, Africa then Asia.

Early on in the planning stage we decided that we wanted to create a travel blog so our friends and family could follow our adventures, but not just any old travel blog. We decided to make this part of our 'purpose' while travelling, so look out for Hayleys accounts of our tales, Sams expedition trip reports or our comedic video diaries, shot on location in the many places we explore.

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