The view down on the lakeside from our first place - what a corker

Kicking back in Pokhara

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We arrived in Pokhara after a 6/7 hour long bus journey from Kathmandu, where we’d spent half a week relaxing following the culmination of our 23-day trek in the Khumbu. In hindsight, we should’ve just come to Pokhara straight away

Trip Report from our trek to La Cuidad Perdida (the Lost City)

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This Trip Report provides a detailed breakdown of our 4-day trek from El Mamey (Machete) to the lost city and back again, including our top tips, information about the camps and river crossings. It is predominantly written for the benefit of those considering trekking this route, but if you are happy taking an armchair tour of the trek then you should take a peek at Bambi’s photo diary of our jungle adventure to La Cuidad Perdida

The start of the Camino Real trail from the North-Western edge of Barichara

Trek from Barichara to Guane, along the stunning Camino Real trail

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Originally built by the Guane indigenous people hundreds of years ago, the ‘Camino Real’ trail is part of a vast ~1,000km ancient cobblestone road network that runs throughout the Santander region of Colombia. The cobblestones, some of which are over 3 meters wide, served in the region to transport products such as anise, tobacco, cotton and fruits. […]

The gorgeous Laguna de Asososca at the end of the trek, with our starting point that day in view also, on the far right mountain just below the sink hole

Musings of a Goat – 5 things I’ll always remember from my 260km Miratombo Trek

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  1) Trekking Nicaraguas incredible countryside, volcanoes and mountain ranges I couldn’t tell you the total ascent/decent we covered over the course of the 19-day trek, but I can say that whatever the total is, it is vast. Cerro La Fila (1,608m), Cerro Negro (713m) and Volcan Del Hoyo (1,089m), just to name a few, […]