Costa Rica & Nicaragua

Costa Rica, A country famed for its biodiversity, one of the happiest places on earth and with no standing army – It’s no wonder a lot of people consider Costa Rica to be a country to try and emulate. The country prides itself on it’s eco-friendly, sustainable tourism industry, and for good reason too. Costa Rica is home to a rich variety of plants and animals. While the country has only about 0.1% of the world’s landmass, it contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

Nicaragua, where we’ll be based while we operate across these two countries. A land of volcanoes and lakes, Nicaragua pristine rainforests and colonial architecture lend to its splendour. Less developed than Costa Rica but arguably more beautiful, 19 volcanoes up the Western spine of the country mean an outdoors person should never get bored exploring here.

Most of our time in these two magnificent countries will be taken up with Raleigh International: A youth development charity organisation focussing on community and sustainable development. We will, however, be updating this page semi-regularly, when not deep in the middle of the jungle or wandering around and exploring volcanoes!


Where we visited 

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